Scubalooks On Tour: Trip to Thailand - Part 2

Read part 1 about packing the scuba gear essentials for tropical destinations.

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For good reasons, Thailand is a popular scuba destination. Due to its geographical and tropical characteristics, it is a place for scuba divers to saturate their tissues completely. One can experience and explore almost all types of scuba diving: liveaboards, shore diving, boat diving, drift diving,....

In the east and west, the mainland is bordered to the ocean with many islands inhabited by scuba junkies. While you wander around on one of these paradisiacal islands, you will see one dive center next to the other. Therefore you might consider Thailand a place to continue your education to develop new scuba skills. Good price for you my friend!

Thailand is a perfect place to experience a liveaboard. It is one of the few places in the world where short trip liveaboards are offered. There are options starting from 2 days. Perfect for divers who want to overcome their Thalassophobia (fear for sea travel) or when you have a tight schedule and/or travelling on a budget. I think liveaboards are an amazing experience, just living on the boat, exploring new places underwater. The rhythm is simple: dive, eat, sleep, repeat with a lot of fun and laughter with your buddies in between.

On a liveaboard trip five years ago, something happened I will never forget: when I got back from a dive, Thai staff would jump in the water and before I realized, chop-chop, all my scuba gear was gently taken from my body and put on board. I must admit it was an awesome experience of service.

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For this trip, there was no liveaboard on the schedule only some spontaneous fun diving. After some research and sending out emails, I found a dive company I felt comfortable with and booked some trips.

Like on most dive trips, you meet a lot of crazy and interesting people. I was very happy with the people I met, fun and professional divemasters, instructors, boatmasters, friendly captain,... In the pictures below you can see some of them in action. Thanks to everybody for making the trips fun and safe!

Divemaster Nicholas, excellent skills and good sense of humor. He is an exceptional photographer. @ngiombi

scubalooks Nicholas

Photographer Fabrice. Very informative. Good vibes all around. Great guy.

scubalooks Fabrice

Mister Pop. Divemaster with excellent skills and guidance. Always smiling, always fun.

scubalooks Thai divemaster

And as usual, some sleeping folks.

scubalooks dead people

A good tip I give you right here, check the captain. During all the activities on board, always have attention for the driver. A good captain can spot interesting things happening on the surface of the ocean rapidly. Whaleshaaaaaaark! There you go, at moments least expected, the captain spotted a small whale shark at the surface a couple of metres next to the boat. Everybody saw the amazing creature passing by. Below picture is taken while snorkeling. Whale sharks are world's largest fish. Little is known about them, but they are beautiful and mind blowing to swim with.

Scubalooks whaleshark Thailand

Not a bad way to start the day, swimming with a whale shark! And we hadn't done our first dive yet .

Thailand is one of the places in the world famous for having whale sharks and manta rays passing by. Of course you need a bit of luck to see one, some people believe the ocean is like a zoo. There is only one truly way to meet a legendary creature and money can't buy it.

After this great experience, we arrived at the dive spot and were ready to start our first dive... Finally! The moment had come, I could jump into the blue again.

scubalooks- me in the water

Some of the pictures taken with my Iphone 5c.

scubalooks pictures iphone 5c underwater

scubalooks pictures underwater iphone 5cI had a lot of fun with my underwater toy (iphone in underwater housing). As you can see, some of the pictures are not perfect, but are great souvenirs.

Our first dive was on a reef I hadn’t been before. For our second dive we went to the same reef where I dived five years ago…

With a deep breath I jumped into the water, while approaching the reef a newfound horror creeping through me. Stay tuned for part 3.

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