Scubalooks On Tour: Trip to Thailand - Part I

scubalooks trip to Thailand

Picture taken by Nick Narcosis. @nicknarcosis

It had been a couple of months since I had been in the water. The desire to go scuba diving was that tremendous I couldn't help hugging my wetsuit on dry land. This couldn’t last any longer so a flight was booked and I started preparing my scuba gear. When you go on a scuba trip far away, you always think you need more, different and/or other dive gear. Sometimes this can be very true but in this case I was going to a place I had been before. I just wanted to be totally free, read: “no wetsuit nor camera”. So I just had to pack my personal scuba essentials. The stuff I love the most.

scubalooks cuddle wetsuit

The water in Thailand is warm enough to dive without a wetsuit, at least when you have not planned an intensive dive schedule. You might need one if you prepare for a liveaboard or when you can’t stand when a jellyfish or other nasty thing in the water might irritate your skin. All up to you. Don’t be jelly ;-)

For UV-protection I use a rashguard which has the same protection as a wetsuit, but is more flexible and provides a basic protection from irritating organisms.

Since my plan was to enjoy some random fun dives, only a rashguard was packed with my boots and a cap, enough to keep me warm during my underwater adventures. Let’s define this as the basic level of protection when diving in tropical waters. And you can use it for snorkeling too. I was backpacking so I didn’t bring my BCD, although there are a lot of compact travel BCD's on the market nowadays, it can take in a lot of space. 

Just the bare essentials for diving tropical waters, not too much to pack!

Quick scuba gear packing tip: pack your favorite scuba gear and double check if everything is still working. Is your regulator serviced last year? Is your mask still waterproof? Have your boots been inhabited by some homeless hamsters in your garage? When you have bought new scuba gear, you might want to try it in the swimming pool or at a local dive site near your home.

Check the O-rings of your camera! Minimise the risk of getting frustrated after your first giant stride.

For me personally, I go for the essentials and the looks, keep breathing is the key.
So my favorite regulator is on top of the list together with my dive computer. My big mask so I don't miss a thing and my pink fins for the contrast in blue water which complete my own “scuba look”. Of course I had to pack some awesome scubalooks divewear to feel comfortable and look good after diving.

Right before leaving I couldn’t resist bringing a camera so I purchased a case for my Iphone 5c, just in case…

scubalooks scuba gear essentials


Stay tuned for my next post about my scuba dive experiences when I finally jump into the tropical waters of Thailand. 


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Steven Verschueren

Hi, I’m Steven, I started scuba diving in 2010 after watching a lot of documentaries about the ocean. Encounters with big fish, strange looking sea creatures, beautiful islands... One day I decided to learn scuba diving. When I was a kid I almost drowned in a lake, so it was not obvious to step into scuba, but I did it and 4 years later I was working as a Padi open water scuba dive instructor and dive guide in different places around the world. My dreams became reality, I was guiding people and we would meet dolphins, whale sharks, pilot whales, seahorses, huge schools of fish, bigger than you can imagine. So many strange encounters and all so amazingly beautiful. Being underwater is something very powerful. No matter where or who I am diving with, once under, we are all the same and after sharing this experience with others you instantly form friendship with people. That is a phenomenon I see almost every time I guide people in the ocean and I believe that it is something so beautiful and powerful that I want to share it with divers and alike. That is also one of the reasons I built Scubalooks, now we can represent scuba and get more people in the water. Give it a try. Go out and enjoy!

by Steven on March 05, 2017

Hee Annick! Leuk je reactie te lezen. Het zal wel zijn dat het blauwe water roept! Zeker blijven volgen, het wordt deels een thriller :-/

by Annick SOmers on March 05, 2017

Dag Steven! Als het blauwe water roept, dan moet ge luisteren hé! Vele fantastische duiken in Tailand. Ik ben benieuwd naar je verdere vehalen. Eén dezer ga ik eens op je website kijken en een shopke doen ????. Grtjs Annick


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