Scubalooks on Tour: Trip To Portugal

Trip to Portugal 's southernmost region, The Algarve.

Scuba Algarve - Trip to Portugal Picture taken at the beach of the Tivoli hotel. The cliff looks like a shark fin right?
Portugal is a wonderful country and has a lot to offer the water fanatic. The West and South side of the country are surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean with in the South, the gate towards the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore there is a huge coastline where wave after wave rolling in towards the beach which attract a lot of surfers.

We went surfing for a day and had a lot of fun. Saw two dolphins jumping out of the water while chilling on our board in the cool water. Always good to see dolphins in the wild. This wouldn't be a post relevant to our scuba brand if we stayed on our surfboard so the next day we went for the thing we love to do the most... scuba diving!

Dive Site: Algar Seco - Epic Entry!

Algar Seco dive site - scubalooksThe epic entry of Algar Seco with the swim through towards the open ocean.

One of our first dives was at Algar Seco in CarvoeiroAlgar seco is the name of a fabulous rock formation looking like a moon landscape - a mysterious world of caves, sculptures,tunnels and shimmering pools. You set up your gear on top of this cliff with a spectacular ocean view and then you follow the stairs down towards the entry. From within this natural pool you descent and swim through a cave, swim through, about 5 m long, towards the open ocean. Spectacular! Underwater there are a lot of rock formations covered with some atlantic coral and school of fish. We saw a lot of nudibranch and a few scorpion fish. Because of the popularity of the site above the water there is a lot of boat traffic at the surface. And this leads to uncomfortable situations sometimes. But nevertheless a remarkable 'must do' dive site! Below a video of us ascending in the pool coming back from our dive.

Exit at Algar Seco.

Watch out for boat traffic!

When scuba diving, you need to be aware of things happening around you. This applies to every dive wherever you go. When diving in the Algarve, a surface marker buoy is required during every dive the whole dive. But be aware, this doesn't mean your safety is guaranteed. We experienced some weird and dangerous situations with boats passing by to close to our buoy.

Ocean Revival Project - Great Wreck Diving!

To promote and develop the underwater tourism in Portugal, the non-profit association MUSUBMAR, created a new dive site by sinking four Portuguese Navy vessels, the Ocean Revival Project. It takes a boat trip of about 15 min from the harbor of Lagos to get at this very special dive site. The four vessels lay at the bottom of the ocean at a depth of 30m. A week before one group had spotted a small hammerhead at the surface! The wrecks are turning into an artificial reef and there is a lot of fish to spot. Maybe most remarkable is the oceanic triggerfish. Have a look at the video below to get an impression of a part of the site. You can dive the site whole year around. For more info go the their website:

Scuba diving the Ocean Revival Project.

Night Dive in Carvoeiro - One of the best ever!

It is just impossible for us to describe the night dive experience from the beach in Carvoeiro. When you go diving in the Algarve, make sure to do a night dive! The video below we shot in the beginning of our dive. When we hit the reef and turned out our torches, the spectacle began. It was not possible to capture this on film, but from all the dives we did, and not just in Portugal, this is one of the most remarkable. Can't say it enough... night diving is the best!

A torpedo ray at the beginning of our dive 5m from the shore.

In a nutshell: We booked a flight to Faro and had our accommodation rented in the small town of Carvoeiro. We booked our dives with Algarve Diving Experiences  located at the Tivoli hotel. Great people! Algar Seco is in Carvoeiro and the epic night dive we did from the beach in town. For the wreck diving trip the people from the dive center will take you to Lagos. From Lagos it is a 15 minutes boat ride to the dive site.

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