Restore The Reef!

Worldwide coral reefs are under serious threat. Many people are doing their best to find out how to keep them alive. We need to take action and help them out!
Dead corals on the island of Bonairea coral reef as dead as can be 

BRING BACK THE DEAD!Living coral reef on the island of Bonaire

HELP US TO RESTORE THE REEFRestore the Reef - Get a piece of the coral puzzle

*puzzle picture updates every 24 hours.
With every puzzle we complete we can adopt a new coral bush! Many are needed so be generous! Your name will appear on the pieces you sponsor. Get featured in the wall of fame!

THREATS TO CORAL REEFSThreats to coral reefs worldwide


SCUBALOOKS is founded on the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean, voted as one of the best scuba diving places in the world, mainly because of its beautiful reefs. Unfortunately, this nomination together with all the other treats (see picture), has had a negative impact on the reefs resulting in a serious loss of coral colonies.

To make a long story short, we have lost a lot of corals, but there is still hope and doing nothing would be completely silly.

Luckily there is Reef Renewal Bonaire, a foundation with the mission to restore and protect the corals of Bonaire.
We need to restore the populations of these critically endangered corals that provide three-dimensional habitat to fish and other marine life so that our reefs can thrive as diverse, healthy ecosystems. Having more healthy and reproductively-mature populations of these corals on the reef, can also “fill the gaps” because more corals are on the reef and they are closer together which can increase the chances of successful fertilization. This 'filling in the gaps' is one of the projects Reef Renewal Bonaire is working on. This involves materials, man power, boat rides, ... And for this, we need your help! If you are a diver and especially if you have been diving on Bonaire, it is time to give something back to the reef!

*you will be redirected to the website of Reef Renewal Bonaire

Complete the puzzle restore the reef


This is a fun way to organise our sponsoring. For every puzzle we complete, we sponsor Reef Renewal Bonaire to adopt a coral thicket. Many thickets are needed so after a puzzle has been completed, a new one will be added with a different kind of picture. With every amount of pieces you purchase, you will receive a high quality digital picture of the puzzle. 



Purchasing pieces is done directly on the website of Reef Renewal Bonaire. We trust this organisation and in this way SCUBALOOKS is transparant with collecting the money for its campaign.

SCUBALOOKS will follow up with every coral bush that has been adopted, you can track progress on our website and social media. We help Reef Renewal Bonaire, we clean the coral nurseries and sometimes we help planting out the coral thickets too!


In the pictures below, taken by David Fishman, you can see on the left a new coral thicket, the pieces of staghorn coral are attached to a frame. After a few years, the thicket will look like the picture on the right and will host a lot of fish and other reef inhabitants!

coral thicket growth


Planting a coral thicket takes some preparation. First, the corals in the nursery trees need to be ready to be moved into the wild. They need to grow, we let them do the work in our nurseries but without our help they would have a hard time. Maintaining the trees demands a lot of manpower. In the short video below you can see what it takes to get rid of the algae in a coral nursery tree.

Once the coral is ready, they will be attached to the thicket.


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